Thursday, 19 November 2015

Square IPO Today at 2.9 Billion Dollars.....

Square will start trading today on the NYSE at 9 usd per share, on opening. This gives it a valuation of 2.9 Billion usd.

It's the Jack Dorsey company, or was, now that he's back at Twitter.

It lost 54 million usd in Q3 2015, a higher loss y-o-y and they've yet to make a profit, although that doesn't really bother us. But the valuation does.

It's a mobile payments company ( largely at retail point-of-sale for Small businesses. Big deal - we've seen a 100 of these types of companies. 

So what's getting Square the profile and huge valuation? 

The presence of Jack Dorsey. And if you want a view....that's 2.9 BILLION of madness.....enough already.

UPDATE - It opened today at 11 Dollars 20 Cents. Range was 11-13 Dollars but priced at 9 Dollars. So this is real positive. Still makes no sense though....but remember, it has to CLOSE over 9 Dollars.