Saturday 18 October 2014

4 in a series. A truly great series about Advertising in the digital age. Alka Seltzer. These are just great adland.

Here's the original commercial which actually, although legendary, mafia boss of New York Joe Columbo tried to get it banned - because it insulted Italians.

But here's the digital lessons told by Adman.
Great stories that really make sense of digital advertising.

And that Advertising people need to see. 

Here you go....(but go back to the previous Coke, Volvo and Avis posts too). Alka Seltzer. The story.

3 in a series of wonderful lessons in Advertising. Avis. we try harder. Amazing.

A great, great series about Advertising in the digital age that I've been posting over the last few days.

This is Avis by Google.

But you'll see Coke and Volvo as the previous posts. Watch them and be stunned. Admen and Adwoman must see these. Must.

And this is why online is the greatest medium ever.

Friday 17 October 2014

2 in a series of Advertising lessons in the digital age. Volvo. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

The best thing I have ever seen online.

Here's the original 1962 commercial....

Yesterday's post was Coke, today Volvo re-imagined for a digital age.
Watch the lead video on top and then if you're smitten go to the ones below.

It's really showing Admen the digital way. Beautiful. 

Thursday 16 October 2014

Coke. One of a series showing Admen the digital online way. Stunning. Beautiful. Enthralling. And every other cliche. A must see.

Over the next 4 days I'm going to post these sensational videos from Google. And trust me they are.

It's about taking classic Advertising campaigns from the past (this one is "I'd like to teach the world to sing" for Coke) and see how they can be applied in the digital age.

Although they're older, most haven't seen them and they really are wow. 

It shows Admen (of which I am one) the digital way.
By Admen.

And the lessons as to how digital is Advertising's strengths.
Take the time and you'll be entranced and probably cry.

I did.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Netflix Price Crash? What? In Freefall!

What is happening today to Netflix stock?

Looks like it's down -25% in after hours trading today.

The market is down for sure but a 25% drop? (down another -3% to 28% at time of writing and sliding).

They did report earnings/profit earlier of 59 million usd in Q3 (well up on last year of 32 million) and they also reported a slower than expected growth of subscribers. Revenues of 1.2 Billion versus expected 1.4 Billion.

But 3 million new subscribers up to a staggering 53 million in total albeit, below expectations. The EPS is about half of what was expected. And the market is identifying a cashflow issue.

(HBO also announced today that they are moving into the online streaming space as a standalone in 2015 and will compete with Netflix).

But But But...really - extraordinary profits and growth in subscribers - yet a crash in the stock price? It's in freefall!!!!

There's something up....that's not just in the numbers.....somebody knows something we don't.

(BTW And it has opened this morning on the markets -23% down).

From those wonderful folks who gave us Pearl Harbour.

I was asked for a book that explains Advertising.

Real Advertising - the way it used to be and not the way it is now.
When ideas ruled and when Ad Agencies were more concerned about their work, than their share price.

1970 but it's known as the book than genuinely inspired 'Madmen'. He was 34 when he wrote it and the title comes from a slogan for Japanese brand 'Panasonic' (read it and you'll know why).

His view on the 'Madmen' TV series? "we were wilder, we drank more".
Believe it.