Friday 7 March 2014

You will find this shocking because, it is. Powerful online video.

Simple piece of video, nothing too complicated here to shoot and no massive budgets - but powerful? Is it ever.

Online video when it tells a story can really reach out and in this case, for "good". Over 10.5 MILLION views since March 5 (3 days) giving it a reach no Advertising campaign could without spending literally, millions.

And it will get results. It already has.

Brilliant concept, superb copyline (which I'll leave you to work out).
You'll note too, some touches such as the Dad's newspaper headline, "Government declares martial law" and so on.

10,000 children have died in Syria alone. 5 million have been "displaced" in tents. Ours, sleep happily tonight.

And you can click the video to help. So there's your call to action.

It's all round, a great piece of work and thanks to 'Mashable' for pointing it out. It shows the power of what online video can do. What we do.