Tuesday 10 June 2014

Dr. Dre's online digital video for The World Cup. 5 minutes long, 7 million views and Wow!

We are going to be covered in World Cup spots. TV spots. 

And this one will be hard to 'beat'.

At 5 minutes long, it's really a digital video with over 7 million views already. That's the power of online video....do it well and you've no media cost to reach a massive audience AND they'll watch/engage for 5 minutes (=10 TV commercials average length).

"The game before the game" features on Brazilian star (home audience and of course, Brazil open the tournament) Neymar who's talking to his dad by phone. But in it, are also Germany's Gotze, Mexico's Chicharito, Lil Wayne, Serena Williams and others.

Filmed and Edited in 6 weeks, it's intimate in that it features on the pre-game ritual and we've all seen stars before matches with headphones on. Good idea.

It's more of a music video than a football video but beautifully shot by Nabil Elderkin and behind every good video there's a good concept.

It doesn't get better than this.