Thursday 13 November 2014

Is this the best online video ever? Honda.

I have seen a lot of video. Too much for one life but I can't think I've ever seen anything better than this.

Because it's interactive, you have to copy and paste and go to this page. Sorry but do it. Honestly, it's well worth it.

It's for The Civic R and the main video in the top player. Press R as it runs.

Trust me, you won't believe this.

Online Video went to another level just now and why can I see the hands of Wieden Kennedy behind this? Just never thought it possible online. 

Stunningly stunning.

Monday 10 November 2014

5 ways to use video better online.

'Video is eating the media world'. So says NewsWhip.

According to Pew Research quoted in their story, 63% of Americans watch online video and 36% of those, watch news video clearly driven by smartphone usage.

They suggest (and I agree) five ways to use video.

Firstly, Facebook. If you have a lot of fans, Facebook can be your TV Channel. I note in Ireland for example, Radio Station FM104 have over 200,000 likes and so a video placed there, reaches a big audience immediately and a potentially huge audience if some of those share again. 

Remember too, that those "likes" are potent because they already "like" what you're doing.

Secondly, use short clips to draw attention to long clips.

Not a bad idea either, as video viewers always look at video length first so if you make a shorter version, they'll be more disposed to view that first. So it's almost a "preview".

Thirdly, explain things using video. In other words, simple video can demonstrate how things work (like a graphic) which illuminates a story. Interesting but a bit of a fringe idea.

Fourthly, Twitter 'video cards' allow videos to be played in a timeline and draw attention to the video. And using Twitter as a strong video teaser is a good idea.

Lastly, they also point to Vine and Instagram. Although limited in length, they work on those platforms quickly so the user can be enthused even with very short clips.

I think overall, they're looking to ways in which video can be promoted. A really important issue that's often overlooked. Creation of content is only one side of the equation, distribution is the important other.

Get a video company that can help you with both.
Streamabout. So there.