Thursday 11 September 2014

Love this go at Apple by Samsung. Simple.

Love this go at Apple by Samsung.

Nice strong simple idea, little need for major production extravaganza or of spend. But good to have a go and good to get out next day using online video.

Makes you smile.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

U2 New Album. It's free.

U2's new Album, 'Songs of Innocence' was released at The Apple Event with CEO Tim Cook. What's different about it is that immediately it went free to every itunes customer (500m) immediately.

Which is the largest album release of all time. Obviously.

It's on Itunes Radio and Beats music too but I've tried to find it and frankly, can't. But it's there.

And it's one hell of a promotion!
(but pretty hackneyed launch if you ask me.....)