Friday 13 February 2015

Can't buy a thrill.

The coffee is on, it's Friday in the 1970's. 

What we're listening to this week in case you're looking for a weekend cheer up. Or inspiration. 

Steely Dan debut from 1972. The title stolen from Bob Dylan.

Dronies. And the growth of user generated video. Wow!

The growth in online video is explosive but the growth in user generated content using video, is moving fast.

Using drone footage (auto helicopters with cams) has allowed filmmakers to do special things like this from Alex Chacon and it's pre-rolled by Guinness. So he can earn a few bob from his work.

Because they're a mixture of Selfies and Drone footage, they're called 'Dronies' and with access to free YouTube (only 10 years old!) gives an outlet for this type of work. Beautiful it is too.

But the growth in Go Pro cameras and combined on Drones, gives high definition, ultra sharp pictures in miniature size so they're fairly transportable. Streamabout uses them all the time and notably Go Pros are great for attaching to cars to get good, low driving shots. Great in the pool too for swimming shots - just great anywhere.

This is building a YouTube audience because one thing is for sure, this type of footage would never surface on traditional TV broadcasters. And when you look at it, you'll see it's long form (over 3 minutes) so that's more engaging than any 30 second TV commercial.

If you're a fan of 'House of Cards' you'll notice that the opening sequence is built around time lapse shots of buildings. The person that was commissioned to produce those was found on YouTube.

Lovin' it.