Friday 22 November 2013

Interactive Outdoor Advertising that really works. British Airways.

Ah sorry lads, these are great.

British Airways interactive Posters in London.
They are in real time so they link the flight number (presume by GPS) to the poster showing the actual flight and destination.

It really brings BA's regular services to the attention of people. 
Hard to ignore.
And hard not to smile.

Thursday 21 November 2013

The most shared Ad of 2013 so far.....and deserves to be. It's a great benefit of online advertising, sharing.

One of the real benefits of online Advertising is that Ads get shared. And they get shared with relevance....unlike TV spots which can't be shared...obviously.

Relevance, because the person who shares them, shares them with someone else whom they think, will like the Ad for whatever reason. Nothing more powerful than a friend sharing something with you and which will normally prompt a conversation, a response.

The most shared Ad of 2013, is The Dove "Real Beauty" sketches having been passed around over 4 million times. Interesting though, one YouTube posting alone has over 58 million views and this is a 3 minute Ad. That's pretty excellent.

And interestingly it's aimed at women who are more likely to share video btw. But it deserves it because it's really a great piece of storytelling, simply shot (which is the essence of the campaign - tell it like it is) and it's real. 

The key to great advertising is simplicity and in particular, empathy. 

If you can empathise with your audience, you're there. This does that. In spades.