Wednesday 2 May 2012

Facebook. IPO May 18.

This is really a post rather than a blog but just in, Facebook IPO will be May 18th. (UPDATED MAY 3 GO TO THE LATEST BLOG after reading this)

Apart from my multiple talents (Ha!), I also trade the markets online and so I'll be following this. But a that everyone is going to pile into this and drive the price up at IPO. Mom and Pop buyers.

And the market knows that. It's what they call the "mugs game". So they'll let that happen, see the quick growth over 1 or 2 days and then short it, I think. So you'll see a lot of selling just after IPO leaving Mom, Pop and Institutions hanging in for a later bounce back.

I think the opportunity here is to hold and then short the stock but you have to keep watching constantly. Not by the day, by the minute. Turn your candles onto 5 minutes and when you see a trend down, sell because it'll come quick.

Probably a big slide, a hold, a gain. And then a big offload.

Be careful not to get into the stock early. Remember, you're playing with the pros on Wall Street - who'll have a lot of this built into the price and love to take money off mugs. They know how to, trust me.

Analysts already valuing it at a 100 billion. That's the start of the drive to suck you in.

Watch what you're doing here especially if you're not a trader. I'll give you a better view when I start to see the shape but a good place to keep an eye on is Peter Brown in but don't do anything illegal.

Go short.


  1. Wait until it goes public and investors want a return on their money. You will be seeing you pictures in ads all over the web.

    1. Thanks Liza, not sure if that's criticism or applauds. But good to have the comment. Stuart