Thursday, 11 December 2014

Personal Flying. The future is not far off.

I've dealt with this before - personal flying - and how some countries such as New Zealand are allowing testing. Latest testing from Dubai you'll see for yourself in the video.

It's nothing to do with online per se (except it's a lovely video) but to do with the future and innovation.

As we develop electric cars, tesla cars, google driverless cars.....I believe quickly they'll become old technologies.

The future of getting to work and to school, is personal jet packs. I'm convinced our children will do it as standard. Especially with the developments already taken place, this is only 10 years away.

The idea of getting from A to Z on congested roads, eating up carbon fuel and taking hours doesn't make sense. What takes an hour by car now, will take 10 minutes by air. Car manufacturers should get on board now.

So which do you think, will consumers demand?
I have no doubts.