Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Disney spends 950 million on Marker Studios for YouTube online video. Nothing Mickey Mouse about it.

Disney is buying Marker Studios for a rumoured 950 m usd, which in itself isn't unusual except that Marker is probably the largest supplier of short-form video content on YouTube.

So here is the established brand Disney, recognising that it too needs to be in digital online video. 

Marker started only in 2009, but today has about 380 million subscribers with 55,000 youtube channels and wait for it, 5.5 Billion views a month....around 4% of youtube's monthly output.

And of course, Disney wants to reach out to those active subscribers. It also will change future online video consumption and production - but in a real positive way. Notably too, these subscribers will be young adults, right smack into Disney's market. Disney already own 'Club Penguin'.

It's a real shot in the arm too for youtube being able to up their game with rich Disney content and further proof, if it was needed, of the bright future of online video.

A 950 million bright future.