Monday 16 April 2012

Avis. We try Harder. Agencies have a future thanks to Google.

If ever there was a copyline, a slogan, that was self-fulfilling, it's 'Avis. We try harder', because having said it, they have to. In other words, by being honest in saying that they're not the biggest, but they wanted to be, they knew they had to do things better from within the company. You can see that in their press treatments here which clearly tell staff and customers that the company expects more.

I was involved in a well-known campaign for Irish Rail, "we're not there yet, but we're getting there" and it fitted into a similar vein. It's a honesty that half the consumers will like, half will laugh at.

And what happens when it works? Do you go with, "Avis. We're number one. We try less hard now"? I dunno.... but it's brave and around since 1962. 

The company was started in 1946 by Warren Avis but the slogan in 1962 brought the company into the superleague and was created by Bill Bernbachs Agency, DDB. Although it was a defining line for DDB also, Bernbach himself is often credited as the writer. He wasn't. It was Paula Green who is featured in these videos. The truly amazing thing of course, is that it's still the slogan, 50 years later exactly.

This campaign with Google, as part of a series which I've blogged on before (for Coke, Alka Seltzer and Volvo) is defining too in that it takes classic campaigns and brings them into the digital space. Makes them "today".

For me the Coke story is the greatest of them all but this is pretty cool too. They all are. Simply they get the creatives back into Google and see what they can do. Here's that brainstorming.

So what comes of all that is the next video although you probably already get the jist. Basically, they've developed an idea around sharing stories, which you create yourself, about Avis. It's nice. Absolutely nice.... but not stunning. Although remarkable interactivity on the software side, which should not go unnoticed, through the self-publishing of stories, however, we've all become so impressed with online that we feel nothing can surprise us!

Actually it's stunning what you can do and this idea can be used for other brands. Have a look....

So that looks like the end of the line for Project re:Brief just for now. It's been a hugely interesting and entertaining concept that in my view, has helped traditional agencies to embrace the space.

Although, it's as they say, only one part of that.
A good swift kick might help too.

(All the campaigns are within this blog by clicking on the posts on the right. Coke, Alka Seltzer and Volvo. In case you're interested. But don't miss Coke, it's great and it's here )

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