Friday, 22 February 2013

Best Bus Shelter ever. Simple integrated mobile marketing that really works. Great thinking.

Sorry but I love these because I know the work that goes into them and I know the thinking behind them. And it's fabulous to see that thinking rewarded when it works.

This is for Qualcomm a mobile phone Operator. 

They put up Bus Shelter Posters and had a www address on the posters, asking bus users to use their mobile to text in. Need a lift? And along comes a...well, watch it. Or in a hurry? And there's a....yeah, have a look.

It's a piece of integrated marketing. Digital mobile marketing, SMS, Bus Shelter advertising, experiential activity, viral on has it all at a low, low cost. And then we're talking about Qualcomm aren't we?

"We make life better on mobile" goes the copyline. And they do.

Simple things makes great advertising. 
And good ideas needn't cost.

Bit of thinking needed, nothing more.