Monday, 26 March 2012

Google Classic Ad Campaigns. Volvo updated.

You may have been reading my blog about how Google are trying to bring classic campaigns into the digital age.

Coke is a great story - "I'd like to teach the world to sing" and you can read it here:

Next up was a classic Volvo Campaign from 1963, "Drive it like you hate it" and it's here

That story was about finding a man called Irv Gordon who had a Volvo with nearly 3 million miles on the clock.

What's happened since is they're updating Irv's story on his way to the 3 million miles. A great extension and posting the new videos. I love this. Watch these two journeys, if you are interested at all. The first one is called 'Perfume' - "it's not about getting to the 3 million miles, it's about the trips that get me to the 3 million miles" - love it.

The second is a journey to Luray caves. Beautifully shot and great storytelling for Volvo.

Ad Agencies take note. A campaign with real longevity online and not a banner ad in sight.