Monday, 19 December 2016

Streamabout Album of The Year. Lemonade (Beyonce).

Thank you for reading in 2016 and as it goes, we always end with the record that outshone all comers. So we'll see you in 2017 but until then, here goes....

Well okay, but we got it right last year with Kendrick's 'Butterfly' and we'll get it right this year with 'Lemonade'. Album of 2016. Just watch the critics go for it. 

But don't criticise it or us, until you've heard it. Really. We said it in May that it could easily be Album of the Year and it is. No doubt. And in lots of ways it's not the 'pop' Beyonce you might know. 

It's a terrific record from Beyonce (Solange Knowles) but all of that said, you should listen to it and always, keep the ears open no matter what the genre or the artist. You miss so much if you do. 

The visuals that go with this record are sensational too and 9 Grammy Award nominations says a lot. We're in Video Production and honestly, it's stunningly good visually.

But the audio Production is also incredible never mind the heart felt songwriting which always brings something more. Great sampling too and layered sounds. 

Here's what we said in May this year:

No and neither did we, ever in our wildest think we'd be blogging a Beyonce Album. What? Beyonce? But then it was just released and went on at Streamabout Offices and we were all stunned. Right from the start.

There's an old lesson here that you should keep your ears open. People say, 'I don't like Jazz' and so they never hear the beauty of Coltrane or Miles. 'I don't like Reggae' and you'll never hear Marley. So always good to listen.

Added to that, stars like Beyonce work with only the best Producers and Musicians because they can and boy, does this record sound it. The Production is as good as we've heard, ever.

Given too, that this Album is supposedly about her failing relationship (Jay Z), sometimes that sort of thing brings out great songwriting because it's so heartfelt and meaningful when sung. Think Amy's 'Back to Black'. Good Albums come out of hard times. 

It's her sixth studio Album and a bit R&B, Country and even Gospel. It comes with a movie release on HBO and features Kendrick Lamarr (isn't everyone) but lends itself to sampling. Led Zep's Robert Plant "When the levee breaks" gets a look in as does Andy Williams "Can't get used to losing you", "Walk on By" Burt Bacharach, Hal David, Jack White, King Crimson, it's really diverse and imaginative.

It debuted in the US at number one and in the UK. Now you might expect a Beyonce Album to do that anyway but this is really worth the listen. It takes getting used to but it's pretty special. 

Definitely an Album of the year if not more.

There, we said it.
And never thought we would. Ever. 

All the single ladies....

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