Friday, 24 June 2016

What we're listening to. George Ivan Morrison. The New Volume 2 'It's too late to stop now'. Magnificent.

Just stop whatever you're doing right now and put this new Album on.
You simply won't find anything better for a long, long time.

It's actually brand new (June 10) but the original 1973 Album (Volume 1), we blogged about in October 2015 because Ivan hit 70. 

This is a new release to follow that infamous original, which he recorded aged 29, with more unreleased material.

What made the original famous of course, was that it was the first live Album recorded live 'as it was', without the usual overdubs and superb it was too. 

Considered an absolute classic.....But this is probably better, if that was ever even possible. 

The whole breadth of this Album is so much more and so too the digital quality as a 24 bit remastered high resolution, which feels intimate rather than over-produced. Just like you're wonderfully there. 

Called 'Volume 2/3/4' it's more of the 1973 concerts recording over 8 nights (The Rainbow, The Troubadour and The Auditorium, which each volume reflects songs from each gig) but completely unreleased music. 

And what a glory it is. 

We don't think you'll hear Van in better form or a Band (The 11 piece, Caledonia Soul Orchestra) more tight and trust us, we know everything he's ever done.

It opens with 'Come Running' from the 1970 Moondance as a jaunty version and there's a cracking version of 'Brown Eyed Girl' (which we were getting tired of hearing, but not anymore). 

'Snow in San Anselmo' too, from the 'Hard Nose the Highway' Album, which hadn't yet been released at the time, as well as the Joey Raposo standard 'It's Not easy bein green'. 

Possibly one of the best ever, but little known Van tracks is here too - 'Purple Heather' (Will you go, Lassie go) - is just superb. 

'Moondance', 'Caravan', 'Domino', 'Cyprus Avenue' (from Astral Weeks where the line "it's too late to stop now" comes from), 'Gloria', 'Aint nothing you can do', 'Into the Mystic', 'Here comes the Night', and just listen to the drumming on 'Wild Children'. 'Wild Children' shows the string arrangements beautifully too. 

We could go on.

Jeff Labes on piano, David Hayes on Bass, Brother Jack Schroer on Sax, John Platania on Guitar, Bill Atwood on trumpet, Nancy Ellis on Viola....extraordinary. In fact, only on this Album can you hear for the first time really, the excellent influence of David Shaw's drums and the imagination of him working with David Hayes on Bass. 

If you can get the Bass player and drummer working together, you get something special and here they do.

You can actually see their close playing on the accompanying DVD, also highly recommended and if nothing else, to see George Ivan Morrison at the height of his powers as the Band leader. Talk about managing the sound!

And to see him kicking out his feet for 'Gloria'. And to see the Right hand conducting the Band, as he was so notorious for doing. And to see him lose himself in the music.

Only thing that's missing here is 'Madame George' also recorded as 'Madame Joy', with probably the best lyric ever written in a song..... "Sitting in a corner playing dominos in drag"....still everything is magnificent. 

As someone in Streamabout said, if you could give this Album 15 stars, you would. 

There isn't and there won't be, a better record to get this year. And most likely, a better record for decades to come. Unbelievably wonderful.

And here's 'Caravan' below for the Band intro alone. No one does it better. 

We never agreed that 'Astral Weeks' was his best Album anyway, but now there's no argument anymore. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is it. 

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Facebook Advertising tracks Store Visits. Brilliant effective advertising.

Facebook are linking their Advertising to store visits according to AdWeek and Adage. 

So you can track who sees the Ad and whether they visit the shop!

Which means, targeted local awareness Ads (say an Offer) using GPS, as people walk near a shop, can be proved effective. 

Ideal to capitalise on mobile usage too. Real Advertising delivery and effectiveness. 

However, people will have to opt-in for GPS tracking on an App but that should be overcome as an add-on to the Facebook App. They're also rolling out a feature called 'Store Locator' giving shoppers detail info on the nearest shops etc. so that will fit the GPS bill too. 

If you know where people are at any given time, you can Advertise to them and measure the actual return through a visit. Next of course, will be adding in the transaction. 

Facebook's Offline Conversions already does that to a point where transactions are over Mobile.

It's all pretty brilliant really.

Monday, 20 June 2016

YouTube overtakes TV for 18-34 year olds. No surprise unless you're in the TV Propaganda Dept.

YouTube is bigger than TV and they're going to prove it.

A study due later this week, will take data from Comscore and BARB to show that YouTube reaches more 18-34 year old Brits, than any other commercial TV Channel. It's based on an analysis of 'monthly averages' in Q1 2016.

YouGov in a survey of 16-34 year olds recently showed that 41% would pick YouTube over TV (only 27% prefer TV). 58% found things they are passionate about on YouTube....but if you've kids, you'll know that already. Common sense. 

There are 190 YouTube UK Channels with more than 1 Million subscribers each - a +50% jump on last year. Simply because it's obviously easy to find what you're looking for on YouTube and not on scheduled, linear TV.

So if you want to reach this younger, important demographic, you need to switch advertising money off TV and onto YouTube.

And if you want to be active on YouTube, get a video!