Friday, 10 June 2016

What we're listening to. Talking Heads 'Stop Making Sense'.

Talking Heads were formed in 1975 and ran until 1991 under largely, the creative guidance of David Byrne. 

Generally as part of a New York punk scene but the Band is more avant-garde than that. Probably more 'new wave' (Devo, The Ramones, Blondie). 

The name comes from the typical on camera video interview of just a person to camera - a talking head. 

Stop Making Sense is actually a soundtrack of recorded concert (by Johnathan Demme) from 1984 filmed over 3 nights in a theatre in Hollywood, as the Band were promoting their 'Speaking in Tongues' Album. David Byrne is very visual in a Japanese inspired oversized suit.

'Psycho Killer' is here and it's a classic. 'Burning down the house', 'Once in a lifetime' (you may find yourself...) and perhaps the best Talking Heads song of all, 'Take me to the river'. But there's too much to enjoy.

It's a superb record and as live adds a rawness that only a Band like this could create. You'll see that it starts with just Byrne on stage and then the band fills in. It's also one of the great rock movies of all time.

Stunning in every way. It stops you to listen and the younger Streamabout crew were impressed by something that they'd "never heard the like of before". It's that kinda' thing. Makes you listen to work it out. 

Add it. Get it. 

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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Up Periscope

Or 'Scope' if you're down with the kids.

Excellent platform that allows you to broadcast live from your phone about whatever. Last night we picked up on a house fire live from Cork (yep, all safe) and an excellent DJ Scratch set from Brooklyn. 

But there's lots of really interesting stuff that eats into your battery. Live sports too although it found itself in hot water with the NFL over copyright. The UFC too had to issue 'take down' notices as fans broadcasted fights live.

Indeed you can broadcast corporate events but frankly, it doesn't fit with the audience really......

It's owned by Twitter and that gives you options to share feeds. It started as a news feed in 2013 for showing protests in Istanbul but it has developed into more Social since Twitter took over (or bought it for something rumoured to be circa 50 million usd).

Highly recommended by Streamabout. (And no, no one asked us or paid us to say that. Unfortunately!).