Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The TV Versus Digital Debate. Ad Age comes into it.

A great follow-upper to our Blog of yesterday which created a good stir (and thanks to Camillus O'Brien for pointing this out), is a story in Ad Age, the 'Bible' of Ad Agency land.

It's an excellent piece and we don't want to criticise it but (isn't there always).... the headline is 'TV Budgets shifting to Social? Yes, it's time to worry' and the "yes, it's time to worry" bit, clearly shows the readers concerns about Digital. Whereas, there's nothing to worry about here at all folks.

The sub-head is the crux of the story - "The growing video businesses of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, pose a viable alternative to TV' - and that's what we've been saying. 

But it's a breakthrough to read that on Ad Age. Warms the heart.

The overall point of the story, is that for media buyers who want to reach the optimum audience, a combination of Social and TV gets it done rather than, TV on its own.

In the US over 70 billion usd will be spent on TV Advertising whereas Facebook will generate circa 2 Billion usd. A "trickle" right now but "that trickle can very easily become a strong flow". And so it should because Advertising money follows Audiences. 

The Ad Age conclusions are based on some facts or thoughts;

1. The growing availability of Social Video Ads. A rise in Social Media inventory and new video opportunities on Digital, encourages growth.

2. Strong Demographics and Reach on Social. The infamous quote that there's a TV Superbowl audience on Facebook every day and there is, means Social is delivering a TV equivalent audience. Facebook had 83.3 million unique viewers in March 2016, Google 182.2m. 

That's higher than a lot of TV stations. Most, even.

3. Advertisers prepared to spend on Digital. So the switch from TV Dollars to Video Ads is happening already, albeit in a small way but the intent, procedure is there.

4. Video Ads are moving towards TV style measurement. All 4 major Social platforms have enlisted Nielsen to verify online viewing so shortly, they'll be TV comparable.

5. The push for Live streaming. Which in itself, will bring TV advertising style opportunities notably around live sports - the now critical earners for TV networks. So this is a threat to TV viewing because as live sports are watched online, traditional TV audiences will diminish further.

6. The growing importance for Social Video to advertisers. They see it working, they know it works, they've dipped their toes. The 30 second TV spot is over with viewers happily prepared to watch longer form online video.

But a fair piece that really brings the whole debate into the open and is reassuringly positive. As we said yesterday, one is not a substitute for the other. They both work but best in tandem.

Full marks to Ad Age. 
And we never thought we'd be saying that.

Online Video Ads? That's too. Now there's an Ad.

Here's the full story (sorry, you'll have to cut+paste)