Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Amazon launches YouTube Competitor.

Amazon have launched 'Amazon Video Direct', a self-serve video platform (like YouTube is) but lets creators earn money on advertising share (a 'per the minute streamed' payment). 

It's a big head-to-head with Google's YouTube.
YouTube make 2 Billion dollars a year and have 20% of the market.

It's directed at professional creators (like Streamabout) with only HD formats allowed (so targeting Vimeo quality we'd guess). You can select various ways to have your video monetised - streamed, download, rent, buy - even subscription.

And they're promoting it through their 'Stars' programme giving a share (small we'd think) of a million dollars a month fund, based on engagement. It's all about quality, all about Premium - good video.

But of course, this way it's a lot cheaper than buying content and Amazon spend circa 3 billion dollars a year doing that. Better to get quality video on a revenue share.

They'll also give full analytics so you know how well you're doing.

It shows yet again, the growth in online video viewing and the need for corporates to be involved. Perhaps with a programme series?

Yes we can.