Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Instagram. Relax. The row will be later than expected.

Instagram (launched October 2010 btw) are changing your feed, but relax, it's not today or tomorrow. In fact, probably in a few weeks after testing. Phew! says you.

They also say that they'll let the Insta Community know in good time.....

The change is likely to be very like Facebook's algorithim where you get 'top posts' based on your behaviour, your interests, the popularity of the post and so on. 

Instagram was famously acquired by Facebook for a billion usd in 2012. (And bet you didn't know that 'Instagram' comes from an amalgm of 'instant camera' and 'telegram'. It is also credited as the site which developed the 'selfie'.)

They'll argue, is about dishing out content that you'll want to see and that's relevant to you! You'll argue that it's about dishing out content that advertisers want you to see because they'll know you're interested based on your behaviour.

Which do you think? We think it's the advertiser one.....

The problem is that users don't like it (and there's about 200 million of them) and see it as taking away choice, one of the key elements of Instagram and overwhelming notifications on your mobile about what will be, advertiser posts rather than friends.

In fact, there's an online petition and real anger out there. 

But will it happen? 
You bet.