Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Making a Murderer. Stunning, like Netflix.

It's full credit to Netflix, that they're showing the way to TV broadcasters as to what can be achieved online. The latest release, 'Making a Murderer' is the most talked about show at the minute. And really, it's another stunner.

But it follows 'House of Cards', 'Orange is the new Black', the superb 'Narco' and of course, 'Breaking Bad'. Add to that, the ideal follow-upper to 'Making a Murderer' which is 'The Jinx'.

Whilst not all of these were 'made' or commissioned by Netflix ('The Jinx' is HBO), it is Netflix that's making the audiences by releasing the series same day and broadcasting with quality at a time that suits you. In fact, lending itself to that 'bingeing' (watching many programmes one after the other) which can't be done on traditional TV.

In fact, 'Netflix & Chill' has now become common parlance for a eh, good (?) night in.

Those that Netflix have made, they've thrown money at and have done so in a first class way. 'House of Cards' a real example of quality TV film making.

So their audience just keeps growing.

Given that CEO Reed Hastings, who takes his famed 6 weeks holiday and was "the most hated CEO" by the stock market 4 years ago, it's been a pretty stunning achievement.

They simply deserve it all because they put the work in and make broadcasting rich entertainment again. Even making a real niche like Documentaries, cool again.

And if you haven't seen 'Making a Murderer' or 'The Jinx' just go and do it. 'Making a Murderer' takes one or two episodes to get going (it was filmed over 10 years) but then it's an incredible story.

Like Netflix.