Friday, 4 December 2015

What we're listening to. Lou Reed 'Transformer'.

Another 1972 classic largely because of one track, 'Walk on the Wild Side' which is about Reed's time at Andy Warhol's 'Factory' and the people there (like Candy Darling) - Reed died in October 2013 at 71 from liver disease. His name is actually Lewis Reed.

Produced by David Bowie (!) and Mick Ronson (who plays on the record but was in Bowie's band), it was Reed's second Album after The Velvet Underground

'Vicious' (from an Andy Warhol thought) and 'Satellite of love' are a worthy listen as indeed 'Perfect Day' which became better known 30 years later.

Very much from a New York Punk scene (David Byrne, Patti Smith), although recorded in London (!) 'Walk on the wild side' quickly became a controversial hit with lyrics like, "giving head" and "the coloured girls go...". Actually the three backing singers were white English women called 'The Thunderthighs'.

But 'Transformer' is the record that made Lou Reed although 'Sally Can't dance' from 1974 is well worth a listen too. Went down well at Streamabout anyway...

There's only one song to play here...