Tuesday, 17 November 2015

TV has simply become the delivery channel for live Sport only.

Adage, that bastion of all things Ad Agency, has a story showing that traditional TV in the USA has really just become the "delivery system" for the NFL.

Based on ratings, using Nielsen data, it shows that top rated programmes are all about Football live. The only other content that makes it, albeit in a relatively small way, is Season premieres or Republican debates.

So general entertainment per se, doesn't get a look in.

Pretty shocking if you're a TV broadcaster to see that all that supposed "rich" content you've developed, gets beaten by Football. 

For example, 'Supergirl' the newly well flagged show, ended up 71st on the list....'Empire' season premiere was 37th...'Walking Dead' a lowly 50.

Because entertainment is being watched online through video.
TV really is only about live broadcasts that you can't get online. Yet.

Fox National Game (Seahawks-Cowboys)Nov. 129.4
NBC SNF Kickoff Game (Steelers-Patriots)Sept. 1027.4
Fox National Game (Cowboys-Eagles)Sept. 2027.2
NBC Sunday Night Football (Giants-Cowboys)Sept. 1326.8
NBC Sunday Night Football (Seahawks-Packer)Sept 2026.4
CBS National Game (Patriots-Cowboys)Oct. 1126.1
Fox National Game (Packers-49ers)Oct. 425.9
CBS National Game (Chargers-Packers)Oct. 1825.0
Fox National Game (Cowboys-Giants)Oct. 2524.5
NBC Sunday Night Football (Cowboys-Saints)Oct. 424.2
CBS National Game (Broncos-Colts)Nov. 824.0
Fox News Channel GOP Primary DebateAugust 624.0
CBS National Game (Ravens-Broncos)Sept. 1323.3
CNN GOP Primary DebateSept. 1623.1
NBC Sunday Night Football (Eagles-Cowboys)Nov. 823.0
NBC Sunday Night Football (Packers-Broncos)Nov. 123.0
NBC Sunday Night Football (Patriots-Colts)Oct. 1822.8
NBC Sunday Night Football (Broncos-Lions)Sept. 2722.1
CBS National Game (Bears-Seahawks)Sept. 2722.1
Thursday Night Football (Broncos-Chiefs)Sept. 1721.1
NBC Sunday Night Football (Eagles-Panthers)Oct. 2520.6
NBC Sunday Night Football (49ers-Giants)Oct. 1119.6
Thursday Night Football (Ravens-Steelers)Oct. 119.4
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)Sept. 2118.2
NCISSept. 2218.2
Source: Nielsen
Chart by Chen Wu