Friday, 18 September 2015

What we're listening to. Rod Stewart 'Atlantic Crossing'.

You have to forget 'Do you think I'm sexy' when you think Rod Stewart.

Atlantic Crossing is one of the great Albums and he's had a few early on. It was his 6th from 1975. 

Of course his old 'Faces' pal and Stones legend Ronnie Wood is not here and the Album is very mellow, very soulful. In fact following this record he quit The Faces for a solo career.

Stewart sings like an angel. Deep, smoky vocal with Booker T on the Hammond Organ. Real deep south.

'This old heart of mine' is the stealer track, but 'I don't want to talk about it', 'it's not the spotlight' and 'Still love you' are gems too. 'Sailing' is here as well and you can, well, take it or leave it.

But ignore Rod Stewart at your peril. His early days were just stunning and this album is one of those key moments. Trust us....