Friday, 7 August 2015

What we're listening to this week. Bob Marley 'Legend'.

We know, we know, you're saying, 'what? a compilation?' rather than 'Exodus', 'Catch a fire', 'Babylon by Bus' or 'Burnin' and we hear you....sort of.

But if you want to hear what's best of Bob Marley, it's all on 'Legend'. Released in 1984 (after he died in Miami in 1981), it is the best selling reggae album of all time. It still sells up to 5,000 copies a week.

'Stir it up', 'Buffalo Soldier', 'One love', 'I shot the sheriff' (which was written by Marley but Clapton made famous), 'Could you be loved', 'Jamming', of course 'No Woman No cry' (live), 'Get up stand up'....there all here but....without any doubt, the real outstanding Marley track is 'Waiting in vain'. None better.

It's over 30 years old but what Marley did was bring reggae into the mainstream and 11 children. It still sounds fresh, different and summertime. The joy in his music stems from his religious beliefs (which ultimately cost him his life in declining treatments).

They all loved it in Streamabout anyway. Ye man.

Here's 'Waiting in Vain'. Stunner.

And here's the complete Album.