Friday, 3 July 2015

What we're listening to this week. Leon Bridges 'Coming Home'. Wow.

Very, very rarely do you come across a debut Album that's as good as this. The Album cover design, straight out the 1950's gives more than a clue as to what Leon Bridges is about. It's Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, Otis, Marvin Gaye retro - almost gospel - but boy, pretty excellent at that.

The 25 year old Texan, sings blues but in a new way from the soul. So it sounds classic from the outset and the studio set-up has a rawness that actually is under produced. They used classic, vintage equipment and you can hear it wonderfully. Which is exactly what the Album needed. 

Released in June this year it's getting real talkabout already and we're not surprised. This will go big, being restricted only be the style of music which mightn't appeal to a broad, young, record buying public.

But you'll like it.
Trust us.
Amazing was the consensus in Streamabout.
And you don't hear that, like, never.

This is just one track - it's not even a single - but you'll get it.