Friday, 8 May 2015

What we're listening to this week? Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert.

Everybody, but everybody talks about Keith Jarrett 'Koln Concert' (1975) and everybody would be right. It's extraordinarily wonderful and all you need do is to put on the first 4 minutes and you'll get it. And you can do that at the end of this blog.

It is after all, the best selling piano recording in history.

He started with Art Blakey, which started him on a solo career as well as a stint with Miles Davis. Although known to be a bit grumpy on stage, it's worth it to get his live recordings. 

(And he did sue Steely Dan for copyright on 'Gaucho'.....)

Put it this way, when we started listening to The Koln Concert, we've ended up with 9 Keith Jarrett albums in a week. Few can stir you like that.

It's jazz (but not in a four blokes all playing a different tune way), because Jarrett was also very classical as a player, but it's much more than that. Perhaps it will open up a new world to you. It did us.

Have a bath, put on the Headphones and listen to Koln Concert and you'll be transported to another place. Like Van would. Absorbing.