Thursday, 21 May 2015

Pinterest tries to pin more Ads.

So Pinterest raises their heads (haven't heard from the 'darlings of the internet' for a while) through launching a flurry of media options.

They also named their first 'Head of monetisation' (yuk) to oversee Ad products. Animated pins are in there, Cinematic pins (video we'd guess), along with 'Promoted Pins'. A whole new "contextual targeting" is on offer too.

Now the problem here is going to be the integrity of the site and the general editorial environment. Everybody loves Pinterest although they've forgotten it a bit, but when you start bundling in advertising it, well, just might not fit in.

Valued at over 5 Billion usd, there's pressures to bring in the Ad dollars. The concept seemed to start with investors piling in without any plan to generate revenue. And now that's getting a focus.

We'll see.

But this is one site where Ads won't sit well.....