Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Apple are doing a car.

Apple is looking at doing a car.

Okay, it's a rumour but it's too much of a rumour not to be true (!)

The Fiat CEO has said it, we know of the secretive 'Operation Titan' at Apple, we know of the Tesla ambitions, we know there's a 'garage facility' in Cupertino CA, we know Apple are hiring engineers for robotics and we know Apple have talked about it - going all the way back to Steve Jobs.

And the tech industry are talking about it.

Perhaps Self-driving and/or Electric but definitely makes sense in the "connected car" market which will be the future.

There's a lot of work in that and a lot of cash. But as a car brand, Apple will be cool and immediately have a positive younger market.

So all of it makes sense.
You heard it here.