Wednesday, 18 March 2015

RTB/Programmatic Buying gets another push on by people with a ridiculous name.

Programmatic media buying or RTB, is here to stay, big time.

It makes absolute sense in automating the transaction between buyers and sellers. As well as, proving better real time data and indeed, more price transparency. 

Today's announcement of CNN, The FT, Thomson/Reuters and The Guardian coming together under a group umbrella of 'The Pangaea Alliance' (interestingly is bizarrely, taken by someone else, we checked!) offering access over programmatic buying to their claimed 110 million users.

Each is bringing 10% of their inventory to the deal from April with its own sales channel (presumably replacing the existing in-house teams). 

Indeed. Perfect sense and will result in selling what has generally been considered 'unsold' inventory because with RTB, all space has a price. These 4 brands together too, offer real advertising opportunities.

But but but.....they've fallen at the first hurdle with quite frankly, a ridiculous name that will do them no good.