Thursday, 5 February 2015

Twitter Video Ads coming with a clever Preview Idea. And If you need a video ad....

By all reports, Twitter are considering video previews for their new Video Ads.

What it means is that when a video ad pops up in your feed, you'll get an automatic play (auto play) of 6 seconds like a trailer. Then, if that interests you, you click it, to play the video in full.

And advertisers will only be charged when the Ad is clicked so they'll benefit from the 6 second trailer, for free.

Facebook video ads are fully autoplay, whereas YouTube's are click-to-play and so Twitter is really doing the best of both. It's a really good, clever idea too.

It also means that advertisers will only be paying for those who really, really want to see the video because they'll have been interested by the preview trailer. 

It's a great way for Twitter to get into that growing, exploding digital video ad space. And if you need online video's what Streamabout do!