Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Superbowl 2015 hype falls.

Incredibly little buzz about the annual Superbowl advertising. Normally, under two weeks out (it's on Feb 1), you'd see far more activity.

Fewer advertisers are revealing their ads in advance and in fact, there seems to be fewer advertisers give the 4.5 million usd spot rate. It's not sold out yet and car advertising is down by 50% but that price is 500k greater than any previous record.

Those that have shown their ads in advance, are getting low views online with Victoria's Secret topping that list at a mere 800,000 views. That's not great.

Online searches for Superbowl ads are down too. 

Broadcast by NBC, it's likely that the live audience won't diminish and at 111 million viewers last year, that's healthy. It was the most watched TV broadcast in US history.

So the buzz that's lacking, has to be about the price and the fact that spots are still available, indicates that. So it's too expensive as what is, a gamble. The creative needs to be good and that costs too.

But on a single 30 second spot basis, advertisers are questioning the value. And it seems that the public are getting bored with the advertising hype.