Monday, 19 January 2015

Google Glasses come to an end.

Google are to suspend the manufacture of its Google Glasses headsets.

The first really "wearable" technology have been hammered both by poor sales (they're expensive at 1,500 euro+ a pair) and technology, notably in the privacy space. People wearing them have been referred to as 'Glassholes'.

However, a more consumer styled device is planned.

What Glasses do deliver is hands-free purchasing and indeed Tesco were hoping to develop an App allowing shoppers to simply browse products and order via the glasses. The lack of popularity though, is key and will stop these types of applications simply because the glasses aren't in enough hands.

So Google Glasses are a worthy product and make perfect sense. However, they need to overcome the price point to become more easily available (the cheaper they are, the more people will have them) and fundamentally, the "look" of them. They just look too weird for people to wear so the design needs work.

There's no doubt, they'll be back and as watches have shown, wearable tech is here to stay.