Thursday, 9 October 2014

Christmas? No Adland, no.

Somebody just said it's only 11 weeks to Christmas.
No Adland, no. Please.

No online Christmas videos with staff this year.
Just send a card.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Switch 10-25% of your TV Budget to online video. Who said that? Only global Agency Omnicom!

It brings a joy to my heart when I hear an Agency, like giant Omnicom, advising Clients to move 10% to 25% of TV Ad "dollars" to online video.

Here it is in The WSJ if you want to read it in full (not that you wouldn't believe me....)

Omnicom handles about 54 Billion usd in ad spend for clients like Visa, Apple, Pepsi, McDonald's and are in Dublin as Irish International and Cawley Nea as well as, media specialist OMD.

Not just that, their CEO Daryl Simm says "If you're trying to reach against light TV viewers, the answer is to move a significant amount of the video budget to online video". And he goes on, "There is more talent....entering the online video space. That holds a lot of promise for the online video space".

Of course too, he rightly points out that it's a move or a response to more measured advertising. Digital gets results that are deeply measured. Accountability.

And when you get advisors of this calibre, global advisors, encouraging the switch away from traditional TV, that's more great news for online. Pretty rubbish news for TV broadcasters.

Streamabout too are seeing this explosion to online video in Ireland practically daily. October will be their best month on record after three years beating their last best month - September.

I'm going home to have a beer now. Might have 2.
And say cheers to Daryl Simm.