Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Google's Driverless Cars. A first look.....

Google have launched a self-driving car prototype and a video to go with it.

We know about it, but haven't seen their own car design working until now. It does about 25 mph for now but when proven, this will increase as it's a matter of safety, not technology.

They're safer too of course, than driver cars - technology knows where it is, where it's going, when to stop and so on, all activated by sensors.

The advantage? I'm not sure... although I do get it for people who can't drive per se such as those with poor/no sight. I do get too that it will make the roads safer. All good.

But the real advantage is on long distances, it's much easier on the driver and we'll be prepared to travel further distances because of the driver fatigue. In fact, you could probably sleep on a long journey.

It's an insight into the future but for my money, not future enough.

I've seen personal jet-packs and they work and because they've no roads, go from A to B quicker and ideal for a commute with no parking. That's the future of local travel.

Are jet-packs safe? Nope, not at all. But put the driverless Google technology into them and now you have got a real mind-bending proposition.