Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Superbowl Sunday. And the greatest commercial of them all. Ever.

Superbowl Sunday. The annual feast of new specially created TV Commercials.
A time to remember the greatest of them all and I was reminded of this one by a post by Ultan Bannon on LinkedIn.

Chiat Day's, Ridley Scott's '1984' Apple Mac commercial. It actually annoyed George Orwell's family so much for copyright, they went legal with a 'cease and desist letter'.

Apple sales increased by 50% in the days after it aired in the third quarter on Jan 22, 1984. Hated by the Apple Board, it was pushed through by Steve Jobs and Woz. Woz even offered to pay half of the airtime costs.

It flagged the introduction of the Mac on Jan 24 that year. 

The greatest of them all? Yep, for sure.