Friday, 15 February 2013

There's an App for that, but never like this...Tempo. Your Calendar and Diary just got a whole lot better.

There's an App for that......but very few Apps like this. Tempo. Currently (just launched) only available on the US App store and Itunes but keep watching.

Tempo turns your calendar into something a lot, lot, better than just a Calendar. It basically elaborates your standard diary entries using all the data that's on the web already. 

So you post a diary event at a named place, say, 'The Point Depot'. Clearly it's clever, but not too difficult, for Tempo to be able to show you your destination on Google Maps; to trigger GPS directions if you want them; to get you the phone number for the Point Depot; and to bring you to their website. Or the weather at your location or the time zone. Or the availability of car parking there or the travel time. Clever, but straightforward.

Now this stuff is already online, it's just that someone thought of linking it all together through Calendar entries. A stroke of genius, nothing less.

But that's only the start......

Tempo connects your diary entry with your own "accounts" so can drag any relevant information regarding your meeting, instantly. 

Say you're meeting me at The Point Depot - you can have a look at all relevant emails on the way; or Excel spreadsheets; or Powerpoint slides to perhaps refresh yourself from the last meeting. Or maybe check the last time we met? It's all there.

That's cool, especially when you're travelling to a meeting. Just bring your phone, it'll all be there.

It also gives LinkedIn information so before you meet me, you can see my profile. How cool is that. And you can check your flight status automatically, as you travel to the Airport.

Say too, you're looking for a Hotel or Coffee Shop to meet in nearby? No problem. It'll tell you where they are and give you directions.

Great isn't it? Really great. 
And I love the brand name.

It's just through beta testing, (there's still some scratches), but even the basic diary function has been so well designed as just a Calendar. It's worth it just for that. 

Worth it? It's free at The App store in the US today but shortly will be extended.

A new generation of software that somebody sat down and thought about. It's not a difficult App to make (bringing things together in one place is a well worn path) but to do it based on Calendar entries??? That is really smart.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Outdoor Advertising. Badly Art Directed Poster stops traffic.

Spotted today in Bride Street, Dublin by Sarah with the Streamabout crew as they went about their day.

Some poor, forlorn, Irishman abroad in Oz, misses a Bunny. Aaah.
Good copy beats Art Direction, every time.....

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Online Valentines Night Promotions. A word of warning before you do them....nobody might be listening.

Before brands push out their Valentine's online campaigns, they'd better remember that mums on Social Media actually don't want to spend it socially, but rather offline.

The 'SocialMums' Survey of last year showed that Mums actually want a personal connection and not an online one with 57% opting for a romantic night out rather than an Ipad (28%) or Kindle Fire (12%). Only 2% wanted lingerie.

These are very active Facebookers, Tweeters and Pinteresters whom actually don't want the love brand messages and would rather switch off. They would like to wish their friends a "Happy Valentines" but that's about it. Then shut down their machines. 

And anyway, as most of them are doing other things (like dinner), they're not going to be logged in. So it's actually a quiet night online.

Indeed, a Valentines digital brand promotion might be better focused by getting people out through dining offers, cinema nights and so on, rather than trying to interrupt their night online. Because that's what they want.

It's possibly the one time of year that Social Media will not be as effective as any other night when you think about it. Certainly targeting women and mums, might be seen as being trite rather than effective. 

It's the old Advertising adage of knowing your audience and understanding them. Valentines night campaigns, might do more harm than good, if anybody is online at all.

Will you be?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

North Korea's nuclear test site exposed. Unmanned Spy Drones? CIA Secret Satellites? Nah, Google Maps.

Hard to keep anything secret these days with ongoing battles over privacy on Social Media. But a nuclear test?

North Korea's efforts to keep their nuclear test location under wraps, in what was traditionally a James Bond 'cloak and dagger' affair, has been exposed.

Unmanned Army drones? CIA Secret Satellites? Nope. Google Maps. 

In fact Mashable, using Google Maps, can tell you all you need to know. Another blow to Social Media privacy....(but in a good way)....

So you want to see where it was? I'll tell you but then I'll have to kill was here -

Or maybe you want a clearer picture...

Or the co-ordinates? 41.301 North 129.066 East. 

And there's lots more pictures of the Windy Mountain Road now referred to as 'Nuclear Test Road'. Since you asked, it's here in fact -

Initially it was thought this was an earthquake but in fact it was North Korea's third nuclear test since 2006, which has the world shaking a bit. Even China, its last friend in the world, isn't happy one bit.

There's even a video of the explosion on YouTube although pre-rolled with an Ad for 'Ernst and Young'. You should never miss an opportunity to pre-roll anything. I mean Ad revenue is Ad revenue. Still they might have changed the creative ("Ernst and Young's growth is exploding" or "We don't ever see black clouds". Something relevant, like the Superbowl brands..... I don't know, Ad Agencies these days.....).

And North Korea knows the value of YouTube having officially uploaded the video on top of this blog, only last week, showing a nuclear attack on New York. 

A dream sequence, set to Michael Jackson's "We are the world" played on what appears to be a 1940's xylophone, one could only think of better tracks. How about "Call me Maybe"? Everyone else is - and a fantastic opportunity to go viral, missed. What were they thinking?

And no you're right, it's too serious to be funny. 

But a country run by a 30 year old, which has its people impoverished, has to be treated with the disdain it deserves. 

Keep spying Google.
No need to worry about any right to privacy here.
In fact, hats off.

President Obama to go live Thursday on a Google Hangout.

President Obama is to live from The White House on a Google hangout this Thursday, two days after he delivers his 'State of the Union' address.

Called a 'Fireside hangout' it will also be on The White House YouTube channel and allows live questions/interaction (on the basis that you've submitted your questions in advance that is). Nearly a quarter of a million people submitted questions last time in January which was the first smaller attempt. You can also vote on questions submitted by others so the best are the ones that get through to the broadcast. And of course, it integrates with Twitter live, something Obama has used before as well as LinkedIn.

It's not the first time, a January broadcast was, but represents The President using Social Media now as a standard to communicate. The White House has also invited its big Social Media followers to hang with them on Tuesday and watch the address together. Aaahh. Still, bit of a thrill to get access to The White House.

It's brave enough too, being live streamed and expect the audience to be very big but it also shows the democratisation of the Internet. The ability to use Social Media to connect with people and spread your political message.

Ireland and the UK are far behind this - yet. 
Great opportunity for politicos.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Apple to launch SmartWatch. A Smartphone you wear on your wrist.

Rumours abound, very strong rumours, that Apple are to launch a smartwatch. Which is basically a smartphone you wear on your wrist.

Pebble are already in the market and Google have just applied for a patent.

Although it's been talked about for a while, The New York Times have confirmed it's in play and being developed with "curved" glass so it wraps around your wrist.

Wearable computing has an inevitability about it. We know of Interactive Glasses but wrist wearing is somewhat easier. The key to this too, is Siri, the voice recognition Apple software that allows a voice to read back, or dictate, email for example. So the need for a touchscreen is reduced.

Straight out of James Bond, you'll talk into your watch and ask it to things like directions or information or email. It will tell you global time, set alarms, act as a GPS tracker, and possibly, connect calls over Wfi (which the ipad mini already does without having a Sim card). 

And general cloud connectivity means all your devices are connected so the watch can act as a conduit for that. If you've a number stored on your Ipad or Phone, the watch can get it for example.

Interestingly too, the use of body heat to create energy through your wrist, is I know, already underway as too the movement of your hand which currently drives some watches anyway. Hence the archaic need to "charge your phone" in the wall socket, must soon go. It's very old fashioned (!).

Another innovation from Apple
Who else.