Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in history. It's telling retailers to get their online shop going.

'Cyber Monday', as it's known, was the biggest shopping day in history and largely because online shopping has matured. 

It's now the intuitive choice.

ECommerce is estimated by as reputable a journal as Forbes, to be +21% year on year. Whopping. And the average value of a transaction was 129 us dollars (!) which surprised me. So people buy big ticket items online.

The key story (and we're getting a bit tired of saying it) is the surge in mobile shopping accounting for +17% of the spend and that's up over 50% year on year. Tablets seem to have had the most significant impact with IPads and Kindles showing well.

Apple's IOS was also a star with nearly a quarter of all online sales through these devices so there's a lesson here for retailers.....push your messages out on mobile!!

Of course too, mobile Apps will have helped to steer IOS shoppers into better bargains and better locations, so that's one reason for this growth.

Cyber Monday thrashed all previous records.

So online shopping is where it's at and will continue to impact negatively on pure 'bricks and mortar' retailers. Department Stores will be most hit and then beauty shopping as these two sectors are showing the biggest online activity growth.

Consequently, retailers, need to follow Banks and Book Stores and Music Stores and others, and to start 2014 saying they're going to focus entirely on their online shop and not on their bricks and mortars. Because that's where the fish are swimming.

In time, retail will only exist, online.