Friday, 8 November 2013

Tablets and Phones will be MORE important than TV for Advertising by 2016. Who just said that? Nielsen.

Stunning, possibly earthquaking, report today from Nielsen, the general bastion of all things TV.

A survey undertaken in July/August of this year amongst key advertising buyers, is really causing a stir of seismic proportions. Especially because it comes from such a trusted source - Nielsen.

What they're forecasting is that Tablets and Phones will be more important than TV for Advertising. More important in only 3 years. That's being wrapped in a concluding notion that consequently, 'multi screens' advertising has, and will, become more important for advertisers. Which in some ways is a half-way house and promoting way of doing both - for now.

What's causing the stir, is that the survey was conducted with The Association of National Advertisers (ANA), with almost 99% (a score as high I've never seen) of wait for it, clients, media sellers and Agencies, reporting that Tablets/Phones will be more important than TV in 2016.

Indeed, most of those surveyed (86%) rank the mobile phone as more important for advertising than TV today. That's advertising importance and yet still, advertisers spend more on traditional TV by miles.

64 billion Dollars goes on traditional TV advertising in the US and mobile only gets 3.4 billion. So decisions are still being made, badly.

You'll get all the charts here

The Nielsen link is here 

And what we've got here is the start of a dramatic shift. 

Traditional media companies, advertisers and agencies recognising the importance of digital advertising in a comparable way to TV advertising. That hasn't happened before in officialdom.

And the credibility of the survey, must now be without question unlike perhaps, others that have gone before. Or so it has been argued but not any more.

This could change everything.