Friday, 25 October 2013

Twitter IPO circa November 15th will be priced at 17-20 Dollars a share.

Twitter will price its shares at their upcoming IPO on November 15th (or sooner) at between 17 and 20 Dollars.

It's not greatly significant in itself, but would value the company at around 11 billion usd at these prices and these share prices will increase. 

So Twitter is heading to that 15 billion usd mark.

It's not like the Facebook IPO in money terms, but it will be easily, in hype.

Twitter are selling 70 million shares to raise 1.4 billion usd in this initial offering. Facebook offered 400 million shares at 38 usd raising 16 billion usd.

The fundamental core behind getting involved in buying shares in a company is to whether or not you think it's a good company with a future. Period. If you think it is, then look at the numbers and take a view on the price and fully understand that Wall Street will manipulate you. 

I think what Twitter does is great and hard to replicate, but there's room for improvement. Like the way tweets load at once and the constant security hack issues....but generally, it's a good one and only starting to show good advertising returns (which means there's a lot more to come).

But hey, be careful out there.
Most people lose their shirt.