Thursday, 5 September 2013

Samsung launch the first 'wearable computing', their Smartwatch. Pity about the name.

Samsung have finally launched their long awaited 'Galaxy Gear' smartwatch.
The first real attempt at wearable computing and this is the first generation watch - so it will improve in time.

Bigger than most watches, it's seen as a bit 'chunky' with a flat, rather than curved, screen. Doesn't look too bad though, although it's not a replacement for your phone but an addition to it. You won't have to use your phone so much, but you will need it.

Connected via bluetooth, it has a camera on the wristband and touchscreen. There's a Pedometer which allows you to track your running and it costs 300 us dollars. And it comes with nice colour choices (6) making it 'fashion technology'. Or so they say.

So we'll see. Apple are due to launch theirs, next week.

Samsung have gained first-mover advantage here and it shows they can deliver innovation, quickly and affordably. It will be 'in the shops' at the end of September.

What they can't deliver however, is a name. 
Galaxy Gear? Catchy.