Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Breaking Bad. It's officially the greatest rated TV show of all time. This week's episode was the "best TV episode ever made". Why?

The greatest rated TV show of all time. Officially.

If one more person tells me 'Breaking Bad' is the best thing on television - ever! - I'll scream. And note the word Television.

Everyone in Streamabout, who have a good eye for this sort of thing, are crazy about it, especially cameramen. Obsessive even.

I watched 4 episodes, Series 1 and it lost me but unquestionably, I'm in a tiny, tiny minority.

The show was created by Vince Gilligan for Sony Pictures, having previously written The X Files. 

This week's episode "Ozymandias" (episode 14, series 5... in case you're asked because fans
 talk like that) got a huge, perfect '10' from 12,000 reviewers on Amazon's IMDb. Which makes it into Television history. Nothing else has come close to that online reaction.

Critics went ecstatic and fans were left breathless. An OMG! reaction. The name, Ozymandias, is from a famous sonnet by Shelley about a crumbling empire.

It has been talked about as being one of the best TV episodes "ever made". I kid you not.

Set in New Mexico, the show premiered in January 2008 about a chemistry teacher who turns bad (or good some say?). This final ever series completes (a total of 62 episodes) on September 29th and Netflix has really helped to grow the audience and is the greatest rated TV show of all time in The Guinness Book of Records. 

I won't list the awards it has won, because it's just too long.

But what Breaking Bad does show is that good drama, good content still works on Television and Online. It also shows that Social Media engagement in content, is more and more critical.

When 12,000 online reviewers give it a '10', it makes you think that you have to watch it and so spreads the word, virally. Good shows get noticed quicker and get audiences faster, rather than the 'hit and miss' of old because of online recommendation.

After all, it's the oldest cornerstone of advertising - word of mouth - and Social Media gives you that in droves. So Breaking Bad shows what can be done with traditional TV content, broadcasting online and Social Media engagement.

So I for one am going back to it, to see what the fuss is all about.
Or Chemistry. 
Yeah, I hear there's money in that?