Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Online video produces good original content. And Netflix have 14 Emmy nominations to prove it.

Online video isn't just YouTube or streaming old editions of old shows, but an opportunity to create top-end content. Online video is creating programmes and the 65th Emmy Awards, the bastion of traditional TV, proves it.

Netflix is actually spending its money generating productions for exclusive content so that's no bad thing. They're getting a unique proposition in doing this by providing viewers with something no one else has - really good content they've made themselves.

Netflix has received 14 Emmy nominations for three series which they created, they produced and were broadcast exclusively on Netflix. It's the first time ever, online has been nominated.

The very excellent 'House of Cards' got 9 nominations, 'Arrested Development' got 3 and 'Hemlock Grove' got 2. 

The Awards are on September 22nd and no doubt a win, will further bring audiences to Netflix in order to view the award-winning series. 

Which of course you can only see on....Netflix.