Thursday, 2 May 2013

Harvey Weinstein trashes Google/YouTube for stealing content and making billions from it. This is going to run.

It's hard not to respect Harvey Weinstein one of the most powerful men in media.

He co-founded Miramax Pictures and of course, set the world alight with 'Pulp Fiction' but a man who knows his trade and was heavily involved in 'Live Aid'.

At this week's Creativity Conference, he trashes Google's youtube. Now I can't show you the video as normal (you'll have to click the link below - but it's only 2 mins long) because the video is not on YouTube. Which surprises me....somebody must have tried to upload it? Yet it's not there....hmmmm anyway here's the link:

What he's saying is that Google steals content - an argument a lot of Newspapers are starting to have with them too. He illustrates his point by referring to the show 'Chicago' where on YouTube 9 of the 13 show songs are available for free.

Nobody is getting paid for that - not the composers, the producers, the singers...nobody, except that is, YouTube through advertising.

So with irony he says that a very good business plan would be to use somebody else's content, for free, and then build a 500 billion dollar silicon valley company. And be very, very rich. And then have cool slogans, like "we just want to help the world".

He has a point.
And this will now come to a head with content owners.