Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Apple Valuation dips below 400 Billion Dollars Shock!

Apple's market cap has dropped below 400 Billion usd, Shock
That's right....Billion.

Or at least, that's how it's being reported - as a shocker.

This week's decline in share value comes after a court judge has cut back, by 450 million usd, their award against Samsung for copyright infringement of 1 billion usd. 

Other uncertainty about profit margins on products (notably in China) and a lack of innovation, has reduced the market cap from 650 Billion in September (when the new Iphone 5 launch was impending).

It's still a staggering, unbelievable, valuation.

Google is worth a mere 270 Billion and Microsoft, only a tiny 230 Billion. So Apple is still way, way ahead.

And the ongoing coverage of CEO Tim Cook is generally pretty negative. It seems that if Apple sneezes, commentators get a cold, because their talk of Apple ("in decline", "losing confidence") seems to be deliberate for a company so strong.

And we know Apple is sitting on a pile of cash (which in turn, becomes a criticism that "Apple doesn't know what to do next with its cash").

It seems to me that few can ever get their head around Apple being without Steve Jobs. He seems to have been so pivotal, that his death has really damaged the company even still.

Always an issue for companies that are inexorably linked to people. When something happens to the person, it reflects entirely on the company. But he left it strong and so it is.

Talk of Apple's demise are unfounded. 
Worse than that, with a 400 Billion valuation.... they're silly.