Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Oscar night. Twitter night. 82,000 TPM's (that's 'Tweets per minute'). Oscars first ever online broadcast.

This was the first year the entire Oscar Awards show was broadcast online. 

Funny when I say that, because everyone goes, really? They expect it to have been done before which in turn shows that we need to remember just how new this digital age is.

The "Red Carpet" part of the show generated 2.1 million tweets with Jennifer Aniston's dress (in case you were wondering) the clear winner. Another 6.8 million tweets were generated during the show so an extraordinary amount of engagement on Twitter alone. It seems that viewers were more interested in the winners rather than the pre-fashion interview preview. Interesting.

The music numbers didn't disappoint with 'Skyfall' generating a lot of tweets according to Mashable. As they say, over 82,000 tpm's. TPM? Tweets per minute (I didn't know it either until tonight). Jennifer Lawrence's fall? 71,600 tpm. Anne Hathaway? 64,000 tpm.

That's per minute.......

Adele, who sings "Skyfall", is of course a big Social Media player anyway and maximises it. 

Of course Mo (that's Michelle Obama to you and me), announced the winner (as introduced by Jack Nicholson) of the Best Film (Argo) live from The White House and then tweeted this creating another Twitter stir; 

It was a thrill to announce the  best picture winner from the@WhiteHouse! Congratulations Argo! -mo

But generally this shows the interactivity between online and TV to full impact. It shows that online broadcasting is now a "standard" and that tweeting about content is pretty much old-fashioned, it is so popular and expected. The role of Social Media has now become as natural as email.

And big shows, like The Oscars, can really swing it into action.

Just a stunning night of glamour, celebrity and tweets.