Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Video Glasses mark 2 launched this week. The new replacement for the Smartphone?


There's a whole new focus on bringing glasses - goggles - into play as an alternative to the Smartphone. We all know about the early development of Google Goggles but the difficulty was, in "seeing" the applications.

Here's one.

The Apex HD+Goggles were unveiled at The CES Show in Las Vegas this week. They record video and photos directly from the glasses in what would seem, high quality and with ease to use. They also have the ability to stream to Iphone or Android devices or just connect them to a computer and download the images.

The first application is for skiers and snowboarders whom can now record their exploits downhill. And your friends close by, can see how you're going.

Okay, not an application if you live in Ireland or the UK (we don't get a lot of skiing in these parts) but it's a first real business idea around glasses. And there's plenty of skiers across Europe, North America to make it worthwhile.

Although right now, they're big and cumbersome but that will change (like the first mobile phone brick did) and clearly, there's all sorts of other sports uses - like Sailing which is close to my heart. Want to record that stormy sail? Or climbing as you clamber up Everest, hands-free?

Perhaps too, with streaming, there's applications for rescue teams such as The RNLI, to record back incidents they come across and perhaps get instant medical advice from a Doctor watching back at base.

Maybe you want to record an event or a gig? Once they get into second stage development and make the glasses better for wearers, we'll see more. But on the surface, these are now viable and I know investors are taking a good positive look at them.

The smartphone market is full.
New delivery mechanisms for photos, videos, email, texts, browsing are very in vogue and this is definitely one.

And it works.