Thursday, 13 December 2012

Google releases its top search terms globally and in Ireland. The list is here. Any guesses?

Google have released its top searches for 2012.

Whitney Houston topped the list unfortunately. And she also topped many other lists from other searches around the world.

'Gangnam Style' was next up, then 'Hurricane Sandy' in third. 

'IPad3' came in 4th, followed by 'Diablo 3' (a game), 'Kate Middleton' was 6th. I guess that might have something to do with the, eh, "pictures".

In 7th was 'Olympics 2012', 'Amanda Todd' after that (she commited suicide in October and posted a video about her bullying online - RIP), 'Michael Clarke Duncan' was 9th (American actor from The Green Mile who died in September) and lastly was 'BBB12'.

BBB12? You don't know what it is? Big Brother Brasil 12. Neither did I.

Popstars 'One Direction' and Selema Gomez did very well on image searches. 

In Google+, SOPA did well as a term. It's The Stop Online Piracy Act so I'm guessing the guilty went searching....although it did generate a lot of Internet protest.

You'll find it all the data and terms here

And Video of the year?
The bloke jumping from Outer Space possibly the Ad of the year for Red Bull.

In Ireland it reads as Euro 2012 (Soccer) as being top search, followed by Katie Taylor (Boxing Gold Medallist). The highest "How to" was "How to Draw" ("How to Knit" was 5th), highest celeb was Craig Doyle, highest politician was Enda Kenny (Prime Minister), highest band was Kodaline, Moone Boy the highest TV Show and The Ryder Cup Team, the highest sports team.

Interesting stuff.

So if you're doing an Ad, get Craig Doyle (I/we used him extensively for Irish Rail TV commercials in the past and he's a lovely bloke), learn how to draw and watch Moone Boy. Then you'll be very cool. On Google.