Thursday, 26 July 2012

Apple's worth is 539 billion, with 117 billion cash, new financials show 20% growth. But shares fall 6% and Media are on their case. Why?

Apple have just posted their financials.
And everyone is on their case - like they hate to see you doing well.

They used to say the Irish hated two things. Success and Failure.
But the disease seems to be spreading globally. Virally.

The company is doing fine but below expectations....particularly because of a slide in Iphone sales after 5 years on the market....but being well replaced by a surge in 2 year old Ipad sales and as the Ipod starts to move well down the food chain.

Apple TV has also gained (and very quietly) 4 million sales which sure surprised me.

Iphone still accounts for the bulk of revenue at 16 bilion usd (46% of total income) although well below its previous quarter and is still in a battle with Samsung both in the courts and in the shops. Clearly Samsung is winning on the street probably due to lower price points for pretty good phones (which Apple claim, they copied). Or possibly, people are holding off to buy the new Iphone later this year.

Following behind is Ipad with sales of 26 milion units and 9 billion revenue. The Mac portable is at 3.6 billion with Itunes and the App store at 2.1 billion. The poor Ipod is only now at a mere 1.1 billion. So you see the typical brand lifecycle as older products move aside to allow for new ones - which is the clear point, that you have to keep innovating.

Apple TV sold 1.3 million devices in the last quarter alone which points to a reason for Apple to further their interest in this market with a fully fledged push late in 2012. Just wait until they start marketing it properly! And of course, this is Samsung's space too.

This is the most valuable company on the planet and still growing with a value of 539 billion. Rumours of the new "Mini Ipad" will further bolster sales when it is launched, as well as, the new Mac Retina Pro.

Wall Street didn't like the numbers forcing CEO Tim Cook to explain the Europe as a market was "flat" and notably Germany, France, Greece and Italy. Although UK sales were up 13%. Greater China posted a nearly 50% growth and growing at an "incredible rate" according to Cook!

But the headlines are, such as just posted on Ireland's national broadcaster today, RTE, that "Apple results miss target, first time since 2003, shares fall 6%".


Overall, the company's revenue is up 20%, although lower than expected but what a performance.

It has 117 billion usd in cash reserves and the App store ploughs on as well as 150 million Icloud users.

This is a company that deserves its status.

A company that understands brands and the need to keep on developing products as older ones reach the end of their lifecycle. Apple TV will be the next big thing, make no doubt about it.

They just seem to get everything right and I would think, with that amount of cash reserves, it's hard to see what Apple cannot do. 

A quality brand, a quality company.
Incredible in fact.

Everyone wants to tell you how badly everyone else is doing.
And when they do, share price falls.
In the case of Apple, the headlines are beyond ridiculous.