Tuesday 12 June 2012

Apple teams with Facebook. Tim Cook becomes Steve Jobs.

So for all the talk of Apple post-Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, the announcement this week of Apple's forthcoming Iphone/Ipad software update is a good insight into the way they're going.

The company will now feature Facebook as part of its full integration. In other words, easy access to Facebook on your phone will allow you to post images and video directly. Possibly resulting in a deluge of what is referred to as "overposting" but a clear signal of Apple's Social plans. If you own the device, you can spread the content. You can own the content.

Facebook will simply appear as a setting on the iphone/ipad (and other Apple devices) allowing you to say, sync Contacts/Events/Birthdays from Facebook so they'll appear on your most used apps such as Calendar. Everything integrated. 

Presumably too, location will be another feature shared. I guess gaming too - which is a real driver.

Previously we did see Twitter integrated of course and it tripled sales to Twitter users. Nearly half of all photos posted to Twitter come from...Apple devices. So this is another big win day for Apple.

From an Apple perspective of course too, it's also one in the eye for Google's Google+ and Android phones. And it's real marketing, real point-of-difference stuff that brings Apple up to speed and cool again.

Tim Cook might not appear to be Jobs, but he's not sitting on his hands either. It's again driving mobile as the device of choice and pointing to their development as the key to having Social in your pocket.

I note too that even in a depressed European market, smartphones will grow this year by 60% clearly marking a switch (since phone penetration is already maxed) to the smart device. People will be on them and these new applications point further to a great future.

Samsung too, the market leader, will not be far behind but the coolness of Apple as a brand is more attractive to the likes of Twitter and Facebook. A clear competitive advantage.

Make way for the new cult of Tim Cook.
It's here already.

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